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From Bushey to Business Partners

In 1988 Chris and Mark embarked upon what would turn into a 30 year friendship.  It all started when Chris and Mark joined the same local football team at the age of 8 and carried itself through and into secondary education at village school in Bushey, Hertfordshire.  Remaining good friends throughout school and into the world of employment, their paths were again aligned whilst working together in the same company.  It was here that a dream was born, one that would place them both at the heart of what they love most...sales, marketing and data. With an overwhelming determination and desire to provide their customers with a level of service and product choice not seen amongst their competitors, they saw an opportunity to seize the moment...their story continues.  Carpe Diem!!


Expert Strategists Who Deliver


Company Values

  • Aura Media Group work with integrity, honesty and full transparency.

  • An ethical business, operating legitimately and compliantly with all stakeholders and parties with a vested interest in the company.

  • Passionate about creating value, offering unrivalled creativity, exciting in areas where others have not yet ventured or dared to dream.

  • Built on a platform of friendships, relationships, courage and an unwavering determination to succeed.

  • Aura Media Group are socially and environmentally responsible, we embrace creativity and diversity and it is financially rewarding for our employees and stakeholders.

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