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Aura offers an access all areas approach to direct marketing.  Providing multi channel marketing across all consumer data touch points, helping companies to reach their desired target audience.  Driven via a unique, best of breed, compliant network of partners and in-house consumer websites, Aura operate as your dedicated direct marketing agency.


Placing clients and consumers alike at the heart of our business, Aura quantifies the performance of its campaigns through an ability to ’capture the moment’.  This is the ideal point where our customers interact with consumers to offer relevant, interesting and exciting products or services and the marriage is made.  Whether your approach is about kissing a few frogs before you find your prince charming or if you like to target your perfect customer before tying the knot, Aura Media will be there every step of the way.


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the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place


Web Lead Generation

Consumer leads captured via product and sector specific websites and landing pages.  Reach your audience with content driven native adverts across the UK’s leading publisher sites.  If you're looking to target energy or broadband and telephone switchers through price comparison sites or focusing on targeted life insurance leads, private medical insurance enquiries, will writing or pre paid funeral plans, you're in the right place. Aura Media Group work with leading partners to help facilitate the capture of the best possible enquiries for your business.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Make hay while the sun shines. Boost your business and your brand through social media platforms and don’t let potential customers pass you by. With our unique services, we will help you with all that you need to retain existing clients and prospect new ones to grow your business even further. Through Aura Media Group’s high quality services, we will help you to maximise the profitability you have to offer across the power of social media.


Multi Channel Direct Marketing

Fresh sales leads generated both online and offline helping companies to acquire more customers and with pin point accuracy.  Premium leads are delivered inclusive of the full chain of consent so as to meet GDPR requirements and offering the best possible compliance levels.  Leads are delivered in real time via API or 24-48 hours from collection and re-verified again prior to delivery via industry recognised suppression files and validation tools.


Your Dedicated Data Partner

Aura Media Group have many data partnerships in place giving you unique access to data owners and aggregators and by allowing us to source data for your campaign we can help increase efficiencies and reduce costs.  Full transparency on data source points allows you to measure performance accurately and to utilise a single source point to manage the entire process.  Aura Media Group provide access to a wide range of unique publishers through our programmatic media buying platform.  Creating greater efficiency when buying media and driving your products across the best network of publishers.

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