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Data Planning Made Simple

Today more than ever, buying and sourcing data can feel like a minefield full of high expectations and end in mixed results or usually worse, wasted investment. You bounce from one provider to the next, at each turn believing the path to success to be clearer than the last, only to see yet more shrapnel fired in your direction as unrealistic promises lead to another failed campaign, lost money and an increasingly demotivated team.

I agree it’s not easy to wade through the marshland that can quite easily see you stuck in the reeds and mud, certainly it's more likely that than you are to stumble across a firm piece of land with a clear path to the top of the hill where success awaits. Costs will vary, volumes of data available seem to change at each conversation point, products available differ and sales people will do what they do best, try to hit targets often at the expense of their clients campaigns wit a lack of attention to the right data sets (not in every case of course).

So how do you combat this? Knowledge!! Knowledge about the marketplace for sourcing data, knowledge about which companies can provide compliant, legitimate data. Knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of these companies and the performance of their solutions. Aura Media Group have access to many of the industry’s finest and most highly regarded consumer data providers. Relationships have been built both working with and alongside these companies.

Aura Media Group will provide you with a single source platform to manage your data requirements, full access to the whole of the data market and with a compliance support mechanism that meets GDPR regulations. We give you better control on your costs, your performance, your reporting and visibility on supplier performance based on the data origin.

As your Data Planning Partner, Aura Media Group can deliver reduced costs, stronger, more relevant communication, a better understanding of your needs as your dedicated data partner, greater continual improvement opportunities and a more strategic business relationship. Don’t be confused or befuddled by which companies to choose, let us do the work for you and watch your campaigns flourish. For more information about how Aura Media Group can help your business grow, contact us at or Chris

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