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Aura Media Group launches as Data Driven Direct Marketing Agency!!

The launch of Aura Media Group is the beginning of yet another very exciting adventure for myself and my business partner Chris Hadland.

Going into business together as a data driven marketing agency is likely to appear particularly risky against a backdrop of a huge amount of publicity surrounding Facebook, intensified at a time when consumer data and it’s use under GDPR is clearly scaring the life out of some of the UK’s largest companies let alone smaller companies with little or limited understanding of the impending changes. With everyone trying to ensure the data they hold meets all the required regulations, quite frankly they should have been doing this already.

It was a was a decision neither Chris nor I took lightly, forget GDPR and the ongoing repercussions from the fallout of Facebook, we’re both close to turning 40, we’re both new dads to young families and like almost everyone around the country, we have plenty of bills to pay. Most people would be forgiven for saying that based on all of that, the dream to start our own business has probably passed us by.

Not for us though, having been friends since our school days, a period that goes as far back as the early 1990’s, Chris and I have huge respect and belief in one another’s ability to bring something unique and more compelling than we’ve seen so far in our careers. We believe that GDPR brings opportunity, it can and will improve the consumer journey and as a business that wants to place the consumer at the heart of everything we do, we believe we can ensure our client’s will be making contact with people who are most likely to have a genuine interest in their products and have given their permission to do so.

As family men and as friends and from equally strong moral upbringings, Aura Media Group intend to work with clients to help them understand the role and importance of compliant data suppliers, to help provide full access to the most compliant data providers in the market and to ensure full visibility is available at all times for compliance but most importantly consumers are protected and presented with the right offers.

The data industry must react to the winds of change, Aura Media Group want to be part of that, our sails can help guide you across a sea of uncertainty. With unique partnerships already in place, a trust in our own integrity to do things well and right, we have an unwavering hunger to build something successful and lasting for ourselves and for our clients, Chris and I would love to welcome everyone to follow our journey as we aim to seize the moment, carpe diem!!

For more information about how we can help your business to grow, visit our website at or simply call us on 07501412619 or 07879041401.

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